Friday, September 9, 2011

Benjamin Franklin on female education

"In 1733 I sent one of my journeymen to Charleston, South Carolina, where a printer was wanting. I furnish'd him with a press and letters, on an agreement of partnership, by which I was to receive one-third of the profits of the business, paying one-third of the expense. He was a man of learning, and honest but ignorant in matters of account; and, tho' he sometimes made me remittances, I could get no account from him, nor any satisfactory state of our partnership while he lived. On his decease, the business was continued by his widow, who, being born and bred in Holland, where, as I have been inform'd, the knowledge of accounts makes a part of female education, she not only sent me as clear a state as she could find of the transactions past, but continued to account with the greatest regularity and exactness every quarter afterwards, and managed the business with such success, that she not only brought up reputably a family of children, but, at the expiration of the term, was able to purchase of me the printing-house, and establish her son in it.

I mention this affair chiefly for the sake of recommending that branch of education for our young females, as likely to be of more use to them and their children, in case of widowhood, than either music or dancing, by preserving them from losses by imposition of crafty men, and enabling them to continue, perhaps, a profitable mercantile house, with establish'd correspondence, till a son is grown up fit to undertake and go on with it, to the lasting advantage and enriching of the family."

Чрезвычайно, по-видимому, прогрессивное суждение по тем временам. Крамольная мысль: при всем глубочайшем уважении к Отцам-Основателям (среди которых Франклин, несомненно, является одним из наиболее замечательных), может быть, всё-таки не все их установления надо воспринимать как истину в последней инстанции? Just a thought.


Unknown said...

Думаете, не стоит девушек бухгалтерии учить? :)

Unknown said...

Почему-то этот ваш blogger меня в unknown записывает.

avzel said...

А на самом деле Вы кто?

А девушки пусть уж лучше в танцах упражняются. Меня-то больше порадовало предложение так и быть уж, вести хозяйство, пока сын не подрастет и не возьмет всё в свои руки.

Unknown said...

sthinks я, sthinks

avzel said...

Да, этот блоггер почему-то Вас не жалует. Но я с ним не согласен!